Dealing with Troublesome Members

Started by TheRavenfreak, May 10, 2019, 04:09 pm

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Have you ever had to deal with some troublesome members on your sites? If so, what happened and how did you solve the issues? I've had a few things happen to me before. The first time I made a proboards forum, I decided to be nice and promote someone on the board. I thought she was doing well as a mod, so I promoted her to admin and that was a huge mistake. She deleted my themes one day when I was offline, and installed themes not related to the niche of my forum and quickly demoted her as well as banned her. She went to the official Proboards support forum complaining about being demoted and banned from a community. xD Another time when I had a fan forum dedicated to a upcoming game, I had forgot to fix the permissions and there was drama going on in the official forums, so lots of members started making their way to my forum and causing havoc. So now I know to fix the registration permissions on a phpBB board whenever I go to make one.


I was admin on a nintendo forum, & promoted someone who swore up & down they'd help. BAD mistake, since the power went to their head & this person banned members for no good reason. Let's just say he was made a member very quickly & banned by the head staff. Mistakes were made, lesson learned.

On a general forum, I helped to make a forum with another admin & then he promoted a few others. In the end, the person that was added as admin hacked into my account to read my pms. I reported the site, & left it at that, since I couldn't get back into my account after he hacked into it.


I have been a part of several staff teams, so the issue has come up more than I'd like to admit.

I remember one dude who was an excellent, outstanding member of a community I was heading... then, seemingly overnight, they started causing all sorts of trouble, from swearing to trolling. Handling them was a pain, and they didn't even reply to the multiple PMs sent their way by us in order to figure out (and work out) whatever issue they were having.

They crossed the line when they started posting nudes and had to be nuked.

Still puzzles me to this day.
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I'm an Admin of a Christian forum and haven't had trouble with staff but there have been some members who don't realize that their words are flames no matter how I try to mentor them. They end up getting mad at me because I won't let them flame other members.