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Playstation 5

Started by TheRavenfreak, Jun 02, 2019, 01:25 pm

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Sony has recently announced their upcoming console, the Playstation 5. Since they've already announced it, I believe it will probably be out by the end of next year. (They did announce the PS4 early 2013 and it was out by the end of 2013 so maybe they'll do the same for this console who knows? xD) I figured we could have a topic here, and post updates whenever they are released. Will you be getting this console when it's first released? I'm definitely going to wait myself, I never buy consoles on their release dates honestly.


I'm so glad that they have confirmed backwards compatibility for the PS5 because I'm definitely getting it now as soon as a few weeks pass after it releases.


I'm very happy to hear that it'll be backwards compatible as well! :D Maybe I should have held off on getting another PS4, but I didn't want to wait too long to be able to play my PS4 games again though. :P I wonder if it will only be backwards compatible with PS4 games or if Sony is going to attempt to get at least PS3 games working on the unit. (That would be quite a task though!)


I'd love to see it fully backwards compatible, even if it's gotta be through emulation for the PS3 games like it was with the xbox one and it's backwards compatibility, but full backwards compatbility with PS1, PS2 and PS4 games are a MUST for it to be worth it IMHO.


Its launching hoilday season 2020.