The Confusing Thing About Judaism

Started by Juneberry, Jun 08, 2019, 01:49 pm

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Judaism has always been a bit weird to me, based on what I've seen on the inside. There are so many sects of it nowadays, and the rules on whether you're Jewish vary from one to another. To many, I'm Jewish whether I want to be or not because my mother, by blood, was also Jewish (why is it only through the mother, anyway?). To other sects, such as the Hasidic if I recall correctly, a majority would say if you don't practice the way they do, you're not Jewish no matter what.

So, this always leaves me to question: I don't consider myself Jewish, but do I get a choice?

There are perks to the rules, however. There's a lot of Jewish-centric help groups out there, much like our less than stellar state social services. If you're Jewish, they'll help you- whether it's with food or finding good medical care. There's even a special service that will send you to on a trip to Israel for free if you've never been and are of a certain age group.

However, I always feel weird when it comes to those services, because they're only catering to me because my bloodline is Jewish, not because I believe I'm Jewish. I don't think that at all! So, these are some things that, as a non-practicing Jewish by blood person, I find rather confusing.

Oh, and it made me less surprised about Jesus turning water to wine. After all, we were taught God turned water into blood. So there's things like that too.